Become an Ambassador

Share your experience. Advocate for change. 

BeanLedger Ambassadors are a part of an International network of volunteer peer leaders, educating and empowering others to learn about and support BeanLedger’s mission. Ambassadors are committed to promoting the BeanLedgers vision and representing the organization.

Being a BeanLedger Ambassador is a rewarding experience that allows you to share your passion for BeanLedgers mission and help reduce the devastation of climate change and unsustainable pay on coffee farmers.

As a BeanLedgers Ambassador, you will:

  • Introduce BeanLedger to your network of friends, family, colleagues, and community
  • Volunteer at BeanLedger events or on committees
  • Organize information sessions in your community
  • Assist in BeanLedger fundraising efforts
  • Share your story in the news, on social media, and on blogs
  • Assist with BeanLedger international advocacy efforts
  • Be an “Ambassador in Action” by sending in photos and videos

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can serve as an Ambassador?

Anyone who believes in the BeanLedgers mission and is passionate about educating others about social and environmental sustainability in the coffee value chain can apply to be an Ambassador. Candidates may include those who currently work in the coffee industry, family members of people who work in the coffee industry, and passionate individuals who want to make an impact in their communities. Ambassadors are expected to have a fluid understanding of the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy. They should be able to persuasively articulate these elements in order to encourage more people to join the BeanLedger movement. They should also have the flexibility to travel in and around their local city and/or state during the work week and on weekends.

Why serve as an Ambassador?

Serving as an Ambassador will be a rewarding experience for anyone inspired by our mission to reduce the devastating effects of climate change and pay coffee farmers a fair and sustainable price

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

Benefits to joining the BeanLedger Ambassador Community include:

  • Becoming a part of a supportive, united, hopeful and mission-driven community
  • Access to helpful resources and BeanLedger team support
  • High-level experiential learning and ongoing professional development
  • The opportunity to present at local (and possibly national) speaking engagements
  • Networking with other Ambassadors, experts in the coffee community, and everyday people who have been impacted by climate change and unsustainable coffee prices.
  • Recognition on the BeanLedger website, social media, and other communications

What kind of assignments are Ambassadors asked to complete?

Ambassadors may be asked to:

  • Speak or give presentations
  • Provide testimony to help with state and national advocacy efforts
  • Share your story on video or with the press

Ambassadors will be asked to:

  • Volunteer at BeanLedger events
  • Assist in BeanLedger fundraising efforts
  • Identify opportunities for BeanLedger event participation
  • Engage in social media and blogs

BeanLedger will provide all of the resources and tools needed to ensure success. It is the responsibility of Ambassadors to make sure they stay well informed of BeanLedger’s progress since they will be serving as a liaison between the organization and the general public.

What kind of commitment does the Ambassadors Program require?

Ambassadors are able to dedicate as much or as little time as they are able.  Ambassadors may find there are several requests to get involved over a short period, while at other times there may be lulls without many requests.

BeanLedger may ask Ambassadors to attend an event on our behalf, while other times, Ambassadors will find local events on their own and identify ways for BeanLedger to be involved.

As part of the commitment to be a BeanLedger, we expect Ambassadors to do the following:

  • Represent BeanLedger at events and/or host educational or networking events
  • Have regular online social media presence supporting the BeanLedger messages and programs
  • Attend online professional development sessions