BeanLedger is setting a standard of good governance and sustainability in the global coffee supply chain.

To ensure coffee’s environmental and social sustainability.

BeanLedger is an action and activist-oriented distributed coffee community.

No individual or organisation owns BeanLedger. BeanLedger is tacking the deep-rooted structural inequalities in the global coffee trading system and economy.

In 2012, we commenced discussions with coffee, cacao, sugar and tea farmers around the world about global supply chains, social and environmental sustainability. A principal concern voiced by primary producers was climate change.
Following up these concerns, from 2014 to 2016, we investigated the relationship between climate change and coffee production. We discovered that genetic varietals and seed stock play a pivotal role in mitigating impacts of climate change on coffee production and assuring sustainable livelihoods for primary producers
We are creating a blockchain distributed ledger solution from ‘seed to cup’, that provides traceability though global supply chains to assure sustainable livelihoods for primary producers while mitigating climate change impacts. We have identified many potential benefits including:
• Assuring yields through climate change resistant varietals
• Safeguarding livelihoods for primary producers
• Traceability and quality assurance through global supply chains
• Value-add for customers to know the origin and social impacts of their purchase

The distributed ledger technology is designed to gather informed consent from all stakeholders throughout the supply chain. Primary producers will have free access to this technology. All research into coffee genetics and seed stock will be open sourced through BeanLedger.