BeanLedger is tacking the deep-rooted structural inequalities in the global coffee trading system and economy.

BeanLedger is decentralised good governance and sustainability traceability solution created through coffee peoples participation.

6 out of the 7 genomes that prevent disease in coffee have collapsed due to poverty and climate change.

We have 4 to 10 year before the last genome breaks down.

BeanLedger is disrupting the 370M coffee sustainability and certification industry to put money directly where it is needed.

BeanLedger is a free resource for the urgent action to address poverty and climate change in the global coffee supply chain.

BeanLedger is setting a standard of good governance and sustainability in the global coffee supply chain using blockchain technology. To address the effect of climate change on coffee’s environmental and social sustainability. Providing quality assurance in enterprise IoT systems. Tracking the genetic purity of coffee varietals seed to cup.

Genetically Verified seed stock: open sourced information to all farmers. Track and trace genetics through the supply chain using BeanLedger distributed ledger.

Decision Maker: Members create BeanLedger by participating in our Good Governance & Sustainability Standard of the Global Coffee Supply Chain.

Anti-Counterfeiting: Encrypted anti-tampering mechanisms tag customer products with a unique and immutable digital identity to mitigate supply chain counterfeiting risks.

Connection to Culture Platform: learn about the whole supply chains cultures – each sector, group or individual can add to profile IF they consent.

Gender Equality Platform: research and funding to achieve gender equality.

BeanLedger Blockchain Community Platform: collaborate/connect with the whole BeanLedger global community. Reinvest profits into projects created by members. With the farmer’s consent.

Supply Chain Optimisation: Secure, reliable and real-time sensor to blockchain data exchange helps enterprises leverage high-integrity analytics to realize peak supply chain efficiencies from the assembly line to the distributor.

Organic Verification: Available – reduced cost to farmers.

Labelling Organisation: Logo will be available to put on Nursery / Farm gate all the way through to the Retail outset.

Reduced Administration Cost: by a conservative 50% from traditional certifications.

Lower Fees to Members: to verify the chain of custody using BeanLedger blockchain integrated application and software


• Genetically Verified seed stock
• Increase Yield
• Carbon Credit Payments
• Microfinance
• Education





• Payment to farmer verified
• Grade of coffee verified
• Genetic Purity verified
• Humidity, Temperature tracking of Container Shipments
• GPS location of stock




• Guaranteed traceability
• Social & Environment Sustainability
• Access to Marketing Information
• Apart of BeanLedger Community Platform
• Tip the Coffee Farmer QRCode


Tip the Coffee Farmer QRcode


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